i am julie stephenson. i am george bailey. i am a comedian {in my head}. i am a fast driver. i am a laundry avoider. i am a mac lover. i am a pond swimmer. i am a plumber’s wife. i am a snake cage owner. i am a swearer. i am a published author. i am a blogger. i am a positive thinker {when i'm not being negative}. i am a leader looking to be led. i am a therapy graduate {for now}. i am a diet soda drinker. i am my own worst enemy. i am a proud mother. i am a friend. i am a born-again optimist. i am a self made woman, but i didn’t do it alone. i am a recovering facebook addict. i am a gifted sleeper. i am a school board member. i am a slow reader. i am a camera carrier. i am in love with jim halpert. i am a work in progress. i am imaginative. i am original. i love to tell stories - with words. with photos. with YOU.